About Us

What you can expect from us:

Tenacious advocacy. By the time you’ve started to consider hiring a lawyer, your matter has typically progressed to the point that you need a firm hand, a steady eye, and dedication to purpose. That’s what this firm is here for; there’s no better way in the world to make a living than fighting for justice in a court of law.

Dedication to excellence. Our promise to our clients is this: you will get our very best, and we will always act in your best interest, all the time, every time. You should neither expect nor receive anything less from your lawyer, ever.

Cost effectiveness through technology. We are committed to getting the best results possible for the best price possible, and in the 21st Century, that inevitably means the adoption and effective use of technology. For the firm’s practice, this means near-constant connectivity through voicemail, email and cellular technology, and controlling staff costs through the daily deployment of voice dictation software and electronic reception services. Our technological solutions will grow and adapt to meet our clients’ needs; keeping up is a daily job, and we take it seriously.